NPD-LCD Manufacturer

NPD-LCD (Non-homogeneous Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Display) is a new generation of LCD that fundamentally impacts traditional applications, and extends LCDís to outdoors. If you've never thought about outdoor LCD's, itís time to introduce yourself to NPD-LCD.

LCD Equipment

The best LCD equipment manufacturer needs great depth of knowledge and experience from all related fields. Although it is extremely difficult for one company to master all knowledge from these LCD related businesses, Scienstry has achieved this.

Switchable Windows, Smart Windows, Switchable Privacy Glass & PDLC

Film NPD-LCD is the latest (3rd) generation of liquid crystal microdroplet displays (LCMD), having similar function of commonly called electrically switchable window, smart window, switchable privacy glass or PDLC, but clearer in transparency, whiter in scattering, very long lifetime in operation and less expensive in price.


Founded in 1992, Scienstry is a private company and a leading innovator in the flat panel industry. Scienstry started with R&D and consultation in LCD (liquid crystal display) field and has invented several new types of displays and successfully developed LCD manufacturing processes and LCD equipment for NPD-LCD, STN-LCD and Dichroic LCD. Scienstry provides ingenious solution for your LCD related business based on our full understanding of LCD materials, processes and equipment.

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